Jeffry in Action!

A posted entry on Robot Reviews:

“Does anybody remember me talking about Jeffry – my Roomba?  Every day at 2pm Jeffry springs into action, zooms around the condo, and generally tidies up the place. We come home to a very neat apartment.

“Today we were out all afternoon and we left Jeffry in charge of babysitting the dogs. Well, turns out we were out a bit longer than expected and poor Tori couldn’t contain herself.

“Jeffry knows how we feel about a mess on the floor. It doesn’t happen often but when it does happen, Tori gets in a lot of trouble. Jeffry knew just what to do. He zoomed over and did a prolonged “Spot Clean”. He swirled and twirled and circled forward and back until the mess was gone.

“We could tell what he’d done by the swirled tire marks and dog poop smears in a nice circular area much like a dog-sh** crop circle in the middle of the floor.

“Unfortunately Jeffry didn’t know enough to quit at that point.  Instead he decided to clean the floors and the rug. Sadly his brushes and wheels were thickly covered in dog poo… and Jeffry left tracks all over the place. Now anybody watching a Roomba in action might think the random bumping and zooming couldn’t possibly do a thorough job of cleaning the floors… but you would be wrong. The math geniuses at iRobot have an algorithm that covers every square inch. And so did Jeffry.


“When we came home today we encountered a smelly mess of dog poo smeared over every square inch of the apartment floors and carpets. Here’s Jeffry getting his innards cleaned out…

“I tossed all the brushes, opened him up and bleached every square inch of him. We also have a floor steamer and we just got back from Costco with a rug shampoo unit. I’m sure everything will be back in shape eventually. At least Jeffry can’t climb up on the counters!”