Printable Checklist

FINANCING—Arrange for financing. Obtain a final approval and review lender requirements.

CHILDREN—Don’t wait to tell your children about the move. The sooner they know the better. Children need time to adjust to the idea. Provide plenty of affirmation that the move is for the best.

MOVING ARRANGEMENTS—Obtain estimates for moving companies, coordinate estimated moving date, and get any needed packing material.

DISPOSE OF UNWANTED ITEMS—Have a Garage Sale, donate or throw-out any unwanted clothing, books, toys, etc.

UTILITIES—Arrange to have utilities transferred.

ADDRESS CHANGE—Make arrangements with post office and notify family, friends, business associates, employers and anywhere you have an account or membership

FINAL WALK-THROUGH—Inspect for utility functions, repairs completed, personal property and garbage removal, etc. Obtain all operating instructions and warranties from Seller. Obtain Homeowners Association rules, regulations, and covenants if applicable.

AT THE CLOSING—Obtain keys, garage openers, and alarm codes at time of possession.

VALUABLES—Secure valuables, jewelry, safe deposit box items, and important documents to take with you.

CLEANING—Empty refrigerator, clean and place baking soda inside to keep it smelling fresh. Clean carpets. Dispose of any hazardous goods and empty fluids from lawn equipment, hoses, etc.

PETS—If necessary, make special arrangements for transporting pets. You can take cats and dogs in your car, but remember to put down newspapers or sheets to keep your car clean. Animals can get carsick and may require stops along the way, so take along a leash, food and water. Other small pets, such as birds and hamsters, can easily be taken in the car. Cover their cages to help keep them calm. It can be risky to move fish. Better get recommendations from your local pet store or other expert on how to move your type of fish.

PLANTS—Prune your plants, place in cardboard containers with air holes, paper to cushion the leaves and a wet paper on top to keep them moist.  Unpack the plants as soon as possible, removing through the bottom of the box to avoid breaking the steams.

PACKING—Personally pack items needed immediately upon move-in: clothing, linens, and personal affects.