Introduction to Madiha Zahoor      

Welcome to Plan! In this report we would like to introduce you to your new sponsored child Madiha Zahoor and her family.





  • Date of Birth: 22/5/2007
  • Gender: Female
  • Language: Punjabi
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Community: Sarkal Kasar


Second Letter

Hello,  I am Samina Laibi, community representative, writing on behalf of Madiha Zahoor.  

We were glad to read your letter. Some days before, we have been harvesting wheat crop. Weather is very hot here. In October, weather will be fine.  

I am healty girl. Please come to our village. I am looking forward for it.  

We were glad that you have sponsored Madiha.

First Letter

Hello, I am Ghulam Ali, community representative, writing on behalf of Madiha Zahoor.

Our village is beautiful and there are eye-catching sights. Mostly people do farming. They keep cattles also. Its winter season here. We are thankful to you. That you have sponsored Madiha. We welcome you in our beautiful village on behalf of Madiha, her family, and from whole Community. We invite you to come here.  



Madiha Zahoor’s family

Father: Zahoor Ahmad, born in 1973, an army officer

Madiha and Father

Madiha and Father

Mother: Absent

Madiha Zahoor’s family lives in a house made of brick with a reed roof.



Madiha Zahoor does not attend school because she is too young.



Madiha Zahoor has completed all basic vaccinations. According to the family, Madiha Zahoor has been healthy and not suffered from any serious illness.


Access to

Water: The family obtains water all year round from a borehole with a hand pump, in the house backyard.

Latrine: The family uses a private latrine.

Health Facility: The nearest health facility is about 30 minutes away.