Shivakrishna Manamma

  • Date of Birth: 27/4/1998
  • Language: Telugu
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Community: Vajpay Nagar

Shivakrishna’s family

  • Father: Absent
  • Mother: Manamma, born in 1958, a maid
  • Aunt: Ganga, born in 1980, a housewife
  • Uncle: Baburao, born in 1975, a labourer
  • Niece: Nandini, born in 2004, does not work
  • Nephew: Akash, born in 2006, does not work
  • In addition, there are other relatives living with Shivakrishna and are considered family members in local culture.

Shivakrishna’s family lives in a house made of brick with a corrugated asbestos roof.


  • Shivakrishna attends primary school.
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to reach school.


According to the family, Shivakrishna has been healthy and not suffered from any serious illness.

Access to

Water: The family obtains water all year round from a domestic connection officially installed in the housebackyard.

Latrine: The family uses a shared latrine with neighbours and relatives.

Health Facility: The nearest health facility is about 30 minutes away.

Shivakrisha Drawing

A Drawing by Shivakrishna

Shivakrishna and Family

Shivakrishna and Family