Determine your Zoning Code

Zoning Code Guide


Developed Areas

R-C1 Single detached dwellings.

R-C1L Single detached dwellings on large parcels.

R-C1N Single detached dwellings on narrow or small lots.

R-C2 Single detached, semi-detached and duplex dwellings.

Developing Areas

R-1 Single detached dwellings.

R-1N Single detached dwellings on small or narrow parcels.

R-2 Single detached, semidetached and duplex dwellings.

R-2M Semi-detached and duplex dwellings, townhouses and row houses.

Districts for City-Wide Development

Below are two districts for the development of specific housing forms in either the Developing or Developed Areas.

R-MH Manufactured home parks and manufactured homes.

R-CH Cottage housing cluster, which is smaller scale residential buildings and centrally located common open space.