KEYS—Gather all keys (house, garage, doors, etc.) to turn these over to the new owner.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS—All manuals and warranties should be kept in one place. These include instructions for heating equipment, all appliances, water heater, garage door opener, etc.

UTILITY BILLS—Have copies made of the previous 12 months of utility bills and a monthly average of each utility estimated for the prospective buyer.

PROPERTY INSURANCE—Keep fire and extended coverage insurance on the property through to the date of possession. Please note that the “contents” portion of your policy may be inadequate during transit of household goods to the new home. Moving companies’ liability could also be inadequate.

EXISTING MORTGAGE—Have existing loan information and payment book available.

TAXES—Copy of most recent tax statement.

HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION—Provide information regarding Homeowners Association and/or Restrictive Covenants.

FLOOR PLAN/SURVEY—Check real estate papers for availability of house floor plan and copy of previous survey.

LEASES—Provide the agent with a copy of any existing lease agreements currently in effect.